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As we all are aware of the number of entrance examinations of colleges in India and their vast syllabus.
Which leads to peer pressure on students to crack these exams to pursue their dreams. Due to which
they are unable to prepare and practice the actual curriculum. So Collegeguruji will prepare you
for various entrance examinations for cracking top engineering colleges by various kinds of real
time practice papers and providing minute insights of your data.

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Collegeguruji comes with some very specific feature targeted at the problems faced by students

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Mock Exams

We provide Examination series for every specific Courses/Exams all over India.


After instant evaluation students get an detailed explaination of the correct answers.


Advanced Dashboard provides deep insights and analytics for self improvisation.

why are we here?

Our team consisting of professors and graduates of top engineering colleges prepare real time practice papers. We work rigorously to provide you with test papers having difficulty level a notch higher than the once you'll be encountering so that D-day would just be a cake walk for you.

  • Students do not have to waste time and can focus straight on their preparation.
  • We provide you with special tips from experts and students who have scored well previously
  • the most important point that these all things are available to you at your doorstep at best prices.
  • We can assist you anytime and anywhere.
  • Our professional team helps you get the idea and level of a particular examination.
  • Previous year question paper with detailed solutions.
  • You help you track your performance regularly.
  • Increase you confidence on particular topics and subject.

Who are we?

Collegeguruji will shape you to encounter any entrance examinations with self-confidence. Self-confidence is an important element of success and as the old saying goes

" Practice Makes a man Perfect "

We will make sure that you have done that!

  • Multi-Level Mock Exams with answers and explaination
  • Analytics and Insights for instant validation.
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